Your favorite MS Word table styles now available in Google doc.

  • Allow to create custom table style
  • Allow to change row/column colors
  • Allow to customize border size

This article will lead you through the add-on installation and usage process.

Add-on Setup

To install this add-on you should open Google doc and press Add-ons->Get add-ons.

You will be redirected to Google add-on store. Here you should search for TableFormatter in the list of suggested add-ons and press +Free button. After that, please click Accept button to complete the installation.

Newly installed add-on will appear in the Add-ons menu tab in your Google doc. To start the Add-on please press Add-ons->TableFormatter->Start.


TableFormatter menu will appear on the right of your page.

TableFormatter menu

Style your Google doc tables applying ready-made templates

At first you should add a table to your Google doc. To start formatting it you should place mouse cursor in the table. Then you can choose table style in TableFormatter Menu clicking on desired style. Chosen style will be highlighted.

To apply the same style to all tables in your document you can just tick Apply for all tables checkbox.

Create your own table format template

You can create your own templates in Custom Templates tab clicking on Create template button.

Here you can do the following:

  • Choose the style to base your own one
  • Customize border background color and width
  • Customize font and background colors for first, odd, last row and first column of the table

Once you’ve finished customizing your template you can Preview it (new style will apply to the table where the cursor is placed) and Save the template.

Saved templates will appear at the top of the TableFormatter menu. Clicking on the table template you can apply it to chosen table in your Google doc. Here you can Edit template clicking on link or Delete it pressing the cross.